Stora Enso develops biodegradable paper covers

Global vegetable production currently depends on plastics: roughly 15 million hectares of agricultural land is covered under black horticultural plastics. Alternatives to plastics cover have been under development for several years. Now Stora Enso and MTT Agrifood Research Finland, with help of VTT and University of Helsinki, have jointly developed a method for making paper-based cover that will offer the markets a real alternative to plastics.

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Responsible water stewardship in China

To ensure the best possible water management, Stora Enso has teamed up with Kemira, and local communitiesin Guangxi.The aim of this partnership is to improve the operation of Stora Enso’s tree plantations and strengthening Kemira’s role as a water management solutions provider for the paper industry and local communities, as well as bringing new expertise and better water management tools to local communities.

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Our latest Packaging


is the number

Global presence
Global presence

of countries in which Stora Enso Renewable Packaging has operations

Offset printed packaging

Corrugated board is the packaging material of the future. It’s light, strong, durable, cost-efficient and flexible, all at the same time.


Ensocoat is Stora Enso’s flagship board crafted to meet the demands of the graphics industry and luxury packaging.

Our latest news

Grand slam for Re-board at Inca Digital Excellence Awards

At Inca Digital Excellence Awards 2014 four out of five winners used Stora Enso Re-board in their entries. It was the third time Inca Digital Excellence Awards was arranged. It is a way of demonstrate the potential for digital print. The entries had a high standard and were coming from all over the world, for example Morocco, Australia and Brazil.Entries in each of the categories were selected by a jury on the basis of originality of the job, complexity of the substrate, ability to overcome design and concept challenges, success of producing something special, benefits to the client, and overall visual and structural impression.

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Renewable Packaging and food waste in focus during Stora Enso's seminar in Almedalen

How clever Renewable Packaging can contribute to reduce food waste was the theme for the seminar Stora Enso organised yesterday in Almedalen on the Swedish island of Gotland.​The global food waste is huge problem. According to United Nations close to 30% of the world’s food production is in vain. A great part of the food waste can be helped by better packaging and a closer cooperation in the value chain from producer to consumer.

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Stora Enso is part of the solution when Poland increases recycling

The paper machine PM5 in Stora Enso’s Ostroleka mill in Poland, which was opened about a year ago, is totally dependent on paper for recycling as the fibre source. The most important way of getting this is Stora Enso’s own 20 collection depots around all of Poland. This year about 250 000 tonnes will be collected this way.“Every year we are increasing the amount of collected paper for recycling. But it will never be the only source”, says Michal Gawrych, Supply Chain Director.

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