Brand owners comment Stora Enso’s findings on retail packaging

At the 2014 Pira Packaging Summit in London earlier this month, Björn Thunström, VP Marketing & Customer Loyalty in Packaging Solutions presented how discount retailers can boost sales with innovative packaging based on the findings presented in the latest Viewpoint

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A new CKB grade from Stora Enso

Stora Enso is introducing CKB 195 g/m2 board, specially developed for use as a top liner for corrugated materials, boxes and displays. The new 195 g/m2 grade is ideal in combination with other materials, thanks to its sleek surface and high efficiency in converting processes. Improved resource efficiency makes it a sustainable choice.

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Our latest packaging

1 in 3

beverage cartons

Global distribution
Global distribution

1 in 3 beverage cartons are made of materials produced by Stora Enso Renewable Packaging


Tambrite is the best-known cartonboard brand in Europe. It enjoys high awareness and loyalty especially in pharma, healthcare and food packaging.


Ensocoat has been established in the markets as a board grade that has been consistently adapted to new challenges. It is time to celebrate its 50th anniversary!

Our latest news

Stora Enso CKB upgraded

Stora Enso’s CKB board has been improved to enable lightweighting. CKB is primarily used for multipacks and folding cartons for food and beverages, where strength, durability and food safety are the most important requirements for the packaging material. Despite the reduced weight, CKB will provide the same high performance as before, as no other technical properties have been changed. The product is more sustainable than before, as it requires less raw material to produce.

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50th anniversary of Ensocoat celebrated at Stora Enso’s Luxe Pack stand

Ensocoat is Stora Enso’s flagship brand for luxury packaging and graphical products. Its 50th anniversary is celebrated at Stora Enso’s stand at Luxe Pack Monaco 2014, on 27–29 October.​“Growing in the beauty care and luxury packaging segment is a strategic goal for Stora Enso, and we are developing our products to fit that purpose. Ensocoat is our flagship brand and it has been established in the markets as a board grade that has been consistently adapted to new challenges,” says Hervé Vue, Sales Director, Stora Enso France.

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Carton board going nuts

The Stora Enso Barcelona Mill has a long history of fully recycling used beverage cartons collected from all over Europe into new carton board, energy and aluminium briquettes. Now the mill is running tests to produce carton board based on fibres from ground hazelnut shells. This is done via an EU-funded R&D project together with Ferrero, one of the world’s largest chocolate producers, PTS, a German Research institute and Stora Enso’s own R&D department.

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Increased market share for private labels changes the packaging market

Private labels, where food retail chain stores use their own brand on goods, is an increasing phenomenon across Europe. It is one of the five main trends within retail packaging identified in the most recent Viewpoint report from Stora Enso Packaging Solutions. By 2025 the private labels are expected to be above 50 percent and this put new requirements on packaging.

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