Now you can learn about our sustainability work in the quarterly reports

For a company like Stora Enso with a lot activity on Asian growth markets sustainability is of key importance. To enable stakeholders to get a better insight into what is done Global Responsibility is now included with its own section in the quarterly reports. As announced on the Annual General Meeting in April this was done for the first time in the second quarter report published on July 21. Most of content covers activities of the Renewable Packaging division.

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Responsible water stewardship in China

To ensure the best possible water management, Stora Enso has teamed up with Kemira, and local communitiesin Guangxi.The aim of this partnership is to improve the operation of Stora Enso’s tree plantations and strengthening Kemira’s role as a water management solutions provider for the paper industry and local communities, as well as bringing new expertise and better water management tools to local communities.

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Our latest Packaging

1 in 3

beverage cartons

Global distribution
Global distribution

1 in 3 beverage cartons are made of materials produced by Stora Enso Renewable Packaging

Protective packaging

Corrugated board is the ideal material for protective packaging, which combine lightness with bearing capacity and durability at competitive price.

Cupforma Ice

Cupforma Ice is a new, light-weight material for ice cream packaging. A round cup shape is a powerful brand builder in the ice cream business.

Our latest news

Stora Enso will invest 8 MEUR at Fors mill in Sweden

Stora Enso will invest SEK 75 million (8 MEUR) in order to strengthen product development at Fors Mill. Fors Mill will be the first mill within Stora Enso with the possibility to produce mechanical pulp from birch. The investment will also improve the work environment and safety.​”It’s very good news that we’ve got this investment. It’s a part of our long term strategy for Fors Mill. The investment shows that Stora Enso believes in Fors Mill”, says Ronny Sjöberg, Manager of Technology and Investments at Fors Mill.

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Second quarter 2014 was the strongest ever for Renewable Packaging

In absolute numbers the second quarter 2014, presented in late July, was the strongest ever for Renewable Packaging in the history of the division. "All financial parameters point in the right direction. Sales are up and earnings even more, and the Reshape program to reduce fixed costs delivered above target," says Hannu Kasurinen, SVP Finance at Renewable Packaging. “Also return on capital has improved.”

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Stora Enso develops biodegradable paper covers

Global vegetable production currently depends on plastics: roughly 15 million hectares of agricultural land is covered under black horticultural plastics. Alternatives to plastics cover have been under development for several years. Now Stora Enso and MTT Agrifood Research Finland, with help of VTT and University of Helsinki, have jointly developed a method for making paper-based cover that will offer the markets a real alternative to plastics.

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