What's in a box? - Intelligence in packaging

For most people it might seem unlikely that the word “intelligence” and “cardboard box” will appear in the same sentence. But, actually intelligence in packaging is the latest buzz. It is not so much about thinking outside of the box as a thinking box.This year the prestigious Marcus Wallenberg Prize was awarded to the research behind printing electronics on paper and cardboard, which is a key component in adding intelligence. So far we have only seen the beginning of intelligent packaging.

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See your packaging solutions come alive at the design studio

​Design Studio is a Stora Enso concept and physical workshop environment where packaging solutions are developed together with our customers. Over 80 designers and 11 studios across Stora Enso are available to make sure your product receives the best possible packaging.We want to provide you with new ideas and share good examples that inspire you to rethink your packaging needs.

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Our latest packaging

1 in 3

beverage cartons

Global distribution
Global distribution

1 in 3 beverage cartons are made of materials produced by Stora Enso Renewable Packaging


Tambrite is the best-known cartonboard brand in Europe. It enjoys high awareness and loyalty especially in pharma, healthcare and food packaging.


Ensocoat has been established in the markets as a board grade that has been consistently adapted to new challenges. It is time to celebrate its 50th anniversary!

Our latest news

Discount retailers drive change in packaging solutions

The success of discount retailers all across Europe is one of the five major trends affecting packaging solutions in the retail industry according to the recent report “Viewpoint on Retail Packaging 2016 and beyond” from Stora Enso Packaging Solution.Germany is leading the way where major discount grocery chains, such as Aldi and Lidl, have a market share of 38 percent. Also in the Nordics the market share is growing for discount retail.

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“Carton of the Year” made from Stora Enso’s board

The annual Pro Carton/ECMA Awards for outstanding carton packaging have been awarded on the 18th September 2014 at the ECMA Pro Carton Congress in Sorrento. Stora Enso’s customers won three prizes, more than any other board suppliers. The Carton of the Year 2014 is a stunning perfume package for Fernanda Brandao, manufactured by Carl Edelmann GmbH from Ensocoat 2S board. The winners of the Most Sustainable carton as well as the Food category used Stora Enso’s CKB board.

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Rapid changes in consumer shopping behaviors speed up demands for smarter packaging solutions

Stora Enso, Packaging Solutions today releases a new report, Viewpoint. It is revealing industry insights regarding future demands for innovative packaging solutions within grocery retail businesses. The Viewpoint “Retail Packaging 2016 and beyond”, is the third edition in Stora Enso Packaging Solutions in-depth Viewpoint report series. The report covers the retail industry’s rapid changes and how this affects the future demands of packaging solutions.

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