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Heinola Fluting mill

Heinola Fluting Mill

​​Heinola Fluting Mill produces semi-chemical fluting which is used as a raw material in the corrugated board industry. The SC fluting (semi-chemical fluting) produced at our Heinola mill in Finland has been developed especially for demanding circumstances and tough requirements. Packing and transporting fruit and vegetables, other food products, electronics and products that need heavy duty packaging are just a few examples.

Heinola Fluting Mill has produced high-quality fluting since 1961. Nowadays, there are approximately 175 employees at the mill. Heinola Fluting Mill is an integrated pulp and board mill, and our annual production capacity is 300 000 tons of fluting. Majority of the production is exported, mainly to Spain, the Philippines, Italy and Sweden.​

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Our job is to meet the customers’ expectations

Our job is to meet the customers’ expectations


For food packaging, high quality requirements are particularly critical. The packaging must endure cold transport as well as great variation of temperature and moisture. The boxes must provide superior protection and creep resistance under these conditions, so that they keep their shape for the duration of the whole journey. Our customers have also great productivity demands, therefore
the runnability and uniform quality of the fluting must be first rate.

Our customers receive exactly the product they order! Our new procedures ensure uniform quality, runnability and stiffness. Because Stora Enso is an integrated manufacturer of corrugated board and fluting, we have a unique understanding of the requirements for a corrugated box and how to meet them.​
More is less, less is more

More is less, less is more

​Heinola Fluting Mill manufactures Heinola SC Fluting from a renewable material, wood fibre. The corrugated board is thus part of nature and 100% recyclable material.

Heinola SC Fluting high quality is obtained using less of energy, raw materials and the environment. Although less material is used, the increased stiffness and moisture resistance mean that packed vegetables and fruits are preserved better than ever – more is less, less is more.

Because Heinola SC Fluting is a clean and hygienic product, it is perfectly safe to use it for packing foods that require high product hygiene. The company's success in international corporate accountability competitions demonstrates that we are doing many things right. We have the right approach to responsibility. That is why Heinola SC Fluting is the safe choice for the environment and for people.
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Maria Ijäs

Management Assistant

Samuli Piirainen

Quality management & Environment Affairs