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​​​​​​​​​​​"Stora Enso Re-board Mill produces high-quality rigid paperboard with a uniquely engineered fluted core. It is incredibly lightweight yet exceptionally strong. In fact, it is the strongest board of its kind available today. Re-board has good planar flatness and provides thermal insulation and protection from different environmental conditions. Uses for Re-board include signage, store aisle displays, exhibitions stands and furniture, window displays and store fixtures.

Stora Enso Re-board Mill, with an annual capacity of 2,000,000 square meters, is a relatively small mill that operates two shifts. The mill is reasonably new and has only been open for ten years. With a global network of distributors, Stora Enso Re-board Mill can reach 90 countries with its products.

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The world’s first machine for making a rigid paperboard

The world’s first machine for making a rigid paperboard

​The use of rigid boards was uncommon when the inventors of Re-board started work on the concept and the board itself.

Traditionally, sandwich boards where made from materials such as plastic, wood and aluminium. These boards were used in the transportation industry in, for example, caravans and cars, and were even used in the aerospace industry. In the mid-90s, the founders of Re-board came to the realisation that a paper-based version would create new opportunities across a wide span of industries, including the graphics industry. Their main motivation, however, was environmental concerns. They reasoned that we could not continue consuming raw materials at the current rate without seriously impacting our planet. 

They were thinking 10-15 years ahead. The founders started experimenting with various paper qualities, liners and fluting until they came to a fully recyclable, high-quality and high-performing paper-based board. In 2005, Stora Enso invested in the company and a new era was born. 

The board had proven to be very suitable for several applications and now it was time to establish an effective production process so the board could be produced in high volume with consistent quality. The company became wholly owned by Stora Enso. Today, Re-board is mass produced in Norrköping and it is the material of choice, specified and recognised as the “best in class” by world-leading companies and major brands. 

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Norrköping, a place to study, work and enjoy everyday life

Norrköping, a place to study, work and enjoy everyday life

​Norrköping is centrally located in Sweden, by the Baltic Sea inlet of Bråviken. The city serves as somewhat of a hub, offering good communications and one of Sweden’s largest harbours in terms of cargo value. 

The city has 87,000 inhabitants, 5,000 of whom are students at the Norrköping Campus of Linköping University. One of the focus areas of the campus is printed electronics, which might not be a coincidence given the many different paper and board industries located in the city. There are 9,000 companies in Norrköping and, together with the neighbouring city Linköping, the region has 420,000 inhabitants and 36,000 companies. 

The leading industries are paper and packaging, electronics, IT, media technology and visualisation and environmental technology. Many new companies within the trade and communications sphere have also established operations in the area.
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