Divisions Consumer Board and Packaging Solutions focus on packaging

Redesigning the future with renewable packaging

​Renewable packaging comes from wood fibres

​​​Fibre-based packaging solutions using renewable and recyclable natural materials is what we in Stora Enso Consumer Board and Packaging Solutions's - two divisions within the Stora Enso group - offers. We aim to replace non-renewable materials with products and solutions based on renewable materials to promote sustainable living globally.

We operate with high responsibility standards throughout the entire value chain, from forestry and pulp production to development of packaging materials and solutions. In the end of their life cycle, all our products can be recycled.

Mill finder

The mills are the basis of Stora Enso Consumer Board and Packaging Solutions. The mills produce the pulp and different grades of packaging boards used in our products for customers worldwide. We have several mills in both Europe and Asia, each with its own profile.