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Fors mill

Fors Mill

Fors Mill is one of the world’s largest and most modern facilities for producing carton board for consumer packaging and printing purposes. Based on renewable raw materials, our products are used in some of the most demanding market segments. Typical examples include foodstuff, cigarettes, chocolate and confectionery.

Fors Mill continuously develops and improves its products and services in close collaboration with customers and suppliers to remain the customers’ first choice.

The environment plays a decisive part in the mill’s policy and its employees work hard to reduce the impact on the environment."

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Safety at the top of the agenda

Safety at the top of the agenda

In our daily work we prioritize our safety first. We have a vision of zero-accidents, we work continuously with improvments in our work environment and to develop pur processes and competence within the safety area. We work together according to the rules and instructions that we have, making sure that we have a safe work environment where we feel safe. The most important is, that every employee in Fors should feel safe at work every day.

Our preventive work is essential to ensuring a safe work environment. We take a proactive approach to preventing and reducing risks. One example of our preventive work is that every employee at the Fors Mill has the possibility to make safety observations. These observations can pertain to both unsafe and safe work situations. The aim is to reinforce positive behaviour and rectify situations where safety could be improved. This helps us focus on what is most important.
In close cooperation with nature

In close cooperation with nature

We are aware that we belong to an industry that uses much of the planet’s natural resources and that the industry as a whole has an effect on our environment. However, we consider successful environmental conservation to be a prerequisite for success. We are aware that our work must be in harmony with nature if we are to achieve long-term sustainable development.

We welcome the ever-increasing demands of consumers for eco-cycle adaptation and the sensible use of our natural resources. Society’s widespread environmental awareness guides us in our endeavour to have the smallest possible impact on the environment.

We are investing considerable resources into monitoring our impact on the environment and what we can do to improve our work. Therefore, conservation of the environment is a natural part of our daily work.

One requirement for conducting such work is to never stand still and to constantly seek new solutions. Reducing our environmental impact may require major investments and reconstruction, but sometimes, small and simple measures will suffice.
Mill Contacts

Eva-Lena Wik

Communication Strategist, Fors Mill

Klas Jonsson

Environmental Manager, Fors Mill