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Packaging Finland

Packaging Finland

​​​​​Stora Enso Packaging Oy is a global producer of corrugated packaging and a supplier of packaging machines and systems. Nowadays, there are approximately 330 employees at the company. Our product range includes consumer packages, transport packages, grouped and retail ready packages, single-faced corrugated board and corrugated sheets.  Our corrugated board mills are located in Lahti, Heinola and Kristiinankaupunki. Furthermore, Formeca Oy, our subsidiary, provides expertise in the field of packaging automations.

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​Worldstar packaging award to Stora Enso

​Worldstar packaging award to Stora Enso

Worldstar packaging award to Stora Enso

Packaging concept by Stora Enso Packaging got international recognition

Stora Enso Packaging's entry has won the international World Star packaging award. This year's World Star competition attracted a total of 249 entries from 35 countries around the world.

Prize was awarded to the Kitchen Garden™ corrugated board package developed by Stora Enso Packaging Oy in co-operation with Fiskars Oyj. The award-winning box has been designed by Miia Vettenranta from Stora Enso Packaging, Lahti, Finland. Earlier this year, the package also won the Nordic Scanstar packaging award.

The Kitchen Garden™ stands for a flexible packaging concept. It provides cost-effective, easy to use and flexible packaging concept both for product protection and transport as well as for consumer sales. The offset printed corrugated board package is made from 100 % renewable materials and it’s recyclable.

“The most challenging stage in the design process was to come up with inner part solution which protects the delicate and breakable product parts. As often the final solution was simple and all different parts of the set were embedded in the corrugated construction’, Vettenranta describes.

” Design is strongly promoted in Stora Enso Packaging, and the latest World Star award is a sign that this concept works,
Sales Director Pekka Tommola says.
An effective packaging line is a sum of many factors

An effective packaging line is a sum of many factors


​​​A part of our Stora Enso Renewable Packaging’s services, Formeca is producing packaging machinery with 30 years of experience, expertise and open minded innovation. Professionals in combining corrugated board, package structures, functionalities and technology to enhance our customer’s business operations and reduce packaging costs, Formeca’s comprehensive offering covers everything from packaging design and automation to installing, testing and servicing machinery.

Our machines are mainly made of stainless steel, making them ideal also for production facilities where hygiene is essential. The packaging machines incorporate soft starting and stopping functions enabling safe handling of fragile products. All Formeca packaging machines are designed and made in Finland.
Through helping our customers to save in packaging materials, we can help our customers to reduce their environmental load and warehousing and logistics cost. By investing in efficient packaging lines the production as well as workforce planning becomes more flexible and production quality can consistently maintained.  
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