Stora Enso Renewable Packaging

Packaging Russia

Packaging Russia

​​​​Stora Enso Packaging Russia produces recyclable packaging solutions based on completely renewable raw materials for consumer goods and industrial packaging with flexo and offset printing. Today the company has 4 production sites equipped with modern machinery, which supply high-quality corrugated packaging and packaging systems to leading Russian companies.

The company employs around 645 people and produces 250 million square meters of corrugated board annually. The product range of the corrugated packaging includes single faced corrugated boards, transportation and consumer packaging, Retail Ready Packaging and heavy duty containers.

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A broader approach to packaging solutions

A broader approach to packaging solutions

​At Packaging Russia, we believe that packaging quality and performance are not the only factors that need to be considered when designing a packaging solution. Today’s demands from customers and retailers must not be underestimated. We need to take into account the interests of both parties – from attractive and informative print to user-friendliness in carrying, storing and opening, as well as recyclability.

In 2013, Packaging Russia’s internal DesignStudio opened and we began holding workshops. In contrast to our earlier brainstorming sessions, the Product Development department now works closely with the staff from Marketing. Such cooperation helps us to build a solid base for the solutions we create by gathering information from our sales personnel, meeting customers, and studying customer markets and packaging trends.

First discoveries at DesignStudio

First discoveries at DesignStudio

In March 2013, Stora Enso DesignStudio was launched in Balabanovo, Russia. Since that time, we have held a number of workshops, met with representatives of various FMCG companies, brand-owners and retailers, and conducted brainstorming sessions involving designers within the company. We are pleased that so many customers and partners were interested in visiting DesignStudio in the first few months after it opened. This is fantastic! It shows that Russia is on board with the trend of rethinking traditional approaches to the use of packaging and understanding its potential. At Packaging, we believe that your packaging is a vital part of your brand, your production process and your financial success. Creating packaging that provides optimum value for your customers and consumers is something we can only do if you and your experts are closely involved in the ideas and realisation. And now we have the perfect place to collaborate. We look forward to seeing you at our DesignStudio!
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