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Packaging Sweden

Packaging Sweden

​​​​​​​The three Swedish converting plants in Skene, Jönköping and Vikingstad work closely together and are known as Stora Enso Packaging. They employ about 400 people and the product range includes consumer packages, transport packages, grouped and retail-ready packages, corrugated sheets, packaging systems and machines.

Corrugated packaging is growing in importance for an increasing number of products and the Skene, Jönköping and Vikingstad converting plants create smart and completely renewable packaging solutions from corrugated board, thereby reducing the impact on the environment compared with non-renewable packaging materials.

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Mixing water and corrugated board? Sure!

Mixing water and corrugated board? Sure!

​​When the Swedish market garden Lagergrens needed a new solution to keep its flowers fresh all the way to the customer’s shopping cart, Stora Enso Packaging happily took on the challenge. The result was a truly unique corrugated box for transport and display.

To ensure water resistance, the boxes are assembled using a new type of glue and a clever construction. Before the flowers are packed, the boxes are assembled in a case packing machine at Lagergrens.
Lagergrens’ retailers, which primarily include supermarkets, have been positive from the start. Now all they have to do is add three litres of water and put the boxes on the floor. Since the boxes are corrugated, they have also simplify the sorting of waste, particularly compared to the plastic trays used in the past.
In addition, its colourful print also makes the new box a winner in the fight to attract consumer attention and encourage purchases.
“Our inspiring collaboration with Stora Enso Packaging got us involved in both the sketching and the prototype making,” says Lagergrens CEO and part owner, Björn Lagergren. “We’re very satisfied with the final product, in terms of both quality and design.”​
Making more space for spare parts

Making more space for spare parts

​Sometimes an idea becomes bigger than the sum of its parts. Such is the case with the corrugated logistics drawer used at Volvo’s spare parts warehouse.

From this warehouse, thousands upon thousands of spare parts are sent out each day to Volvo owners all over the world. Among the 80,000 article numbers are tubes, air filters, upholstery and many other items. Every part is selected by hand by the warehouse personnel, who naturally have many details to keep track of.

Until recently, all parts were stored in open wooden pallets equipped with the desired number of pallet collars. Some time ago, however, Volvo started looking for an alternate solution that would enable more efficient use of the storage space.

Papyrus Supplies​ became involved and, in collaboration with Stora Enso Packaging, began developing ideas and prototypes. A large drawer made of heavy-duty corrugated board was chosen as the final solution. This drawer works exactly like a regular drawer, but is delivered folded and stacked for convenient handling.

Using this new logistics drawer, Volvo can now fit more article numbers in the same space. In the more high-frequency areas of the warehouse, the company has managed to increase its storage capacity by 300%, thereby enabling Volvo to save space and time – and increase production.​
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