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Skoghall mill

Skoghall Mill

​​​​​​Skoghall Mill is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of paperboard for liquid and foodstuff packaging. One in six beverage cartons in the world is made of paperboard from Skoghall Mill.

Operations are carried out in Skoghall and Forshaga. Pulp and paperboard are produced in Skoghall while paperboard is coated with a variety of barriers, mostly polyethylene, in Forshaga. The mill’s customers are located worldwide and more than 85 per cent of production is exported.

With its 850 employees, Skoghall Mill is one of the largest employers in the county of Värmland. In excess of EUR 1,100 million has been invested in Skoghall Mill over the past 20 years. The mill is committed to carrying out long-term and goal-oriented environmental work.

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Well-equipped Skoghall receives improved pulp mill

Well-equipped Skoghall receives improved pulp mill

Skoghall is a modern and well-equipped mill. More than EUR 1,100 million has been invested in the mill over the past 20 years. The latest investment initiative, known as Pulp Mill Improvement (PMI), includes a total of EUR 32 million, most of which will be invested in the reconstruction of a fibre line in the sulphate pulp mill and its chemical recovery operations, which will increase the mill’s pulp production capacity by 45,000 tonnes per year.

This investment will create new opportunities to improve the mill’s operational efficiency and strengthen the company’s competitiveness in the attractive packaging market. Metso will supply a new white liquor filter and be responsible for rebuilding the lime kiln. Andritz will rebuild the digester and deliver new washing equipment in the fibre line.

The project is moving full speed ahead. The first noticeable change for those in the mill area will be the construction of a white liquor facility, which will begin in January 2014 and is scheduled for completion in mid-May.

Thomas Nilsson is the project manager for Pulp Mill Improvement. He is an experienced project manager who has worked at the mill for 12 years, during which time he has served as project manager for numerous projects. The start-up of PMI is scheduled for October 2014.

Objectives of PMI:
  • Improve the cost-efficiency of the Skoghall mill integrate
  • Reduce the mill’s variable costs, such as purchased lime and energy savings
  • Increase direct production by 45,000 tonnes of sulphate pulp per year
Stora Enso helping to reduce food waste

Stora Enso helping to reduce food waste

Every year, Swedish restaurants throw away as much as 170,000 tonnes of food. This is a huge waste that affects both your wallet and the environment. The “Boxa” project – whose name is derived from the Swedish word for “doggy bag” – is an attempt to encourage restaurant patrons to bring their leftovers home.

The Boxa project is a collaboration between Stora Enso, the restaurant company Kjell & Bolas, the packaging network Packaging Arena, the packaging company ScandPac and the brand consultant agency Motherland. The test launch of the project will take place at the restaurant Terrassen in Karlstad. The design and paperboard for the project have been carefully chosen. Every effort has been made to make it as easy as possible for guests to bring food home from the restaurant.

The boxes themselves will be made from Stora Enso CKB board. The Boxa project’s approach to sustainability is fully in line with Stora Enso's values.
“As a paperboard supplier, we feel it is important to be involved and try to reduce food waste in different ways. Restaurants aren’t the only ones generating large amounts of food waste. According to our research, as much as 30 to 40 per cent of the world’s food is wasted because the packages are simply not good enough,” says Kristian Goldszer, Technical Service Manager at Stora Enso Skoghall Mill.

Watch a film about Boxa (in Swedish):
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Annica Sund

Communication Officer, Skoghall Mill

Margareta Sandström

Environmental Manager