Stora Enso Renewable Packaging

Skoghall mill

6/2/2014 11:00 AM

Mill waste water can be used for breeding jumbo prawns

​The idea to breed jumbo prawn in the warm waste water from pulp and paper mills was the winning idea in the Swedish organisation Paper Province’s Warm Water Innovation Challenge recently. Behind the idea is Matilda Olstorpe, CEO of Vegafish AB.

Breeding jumbo prawns gives the possibility of an eco-friendly, tasty and locally produced foodstuff. Today jumbo prawns are imported from tropical countries and the production is sometimes raising environmental concern. 
 "I think it's good that we try to find use for waste water. The winners will now be able to via the Paper Province develop their idea further", says Peter Olsson, Manager Technology & Investment Sweden within Stora Enso Renewable Packaging, who has been a member of the jury.

Stora Enso is a partner of The Paper Province organisation (