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Skoghall mill

3/23/2014 2:00 PM

Paperboard from Skoghall becomes art at a Stockholm gallery

​Right now you can see paperboard from Skoghall Mill at an exhibition at the gallery “Sebastian Schildt +” on Nybrogatan in Stockholm. It is the artist Helena Bengtsson from the county Värmland exhibiting her artwork made of paper and paperboard from mills in Värmland. The exhibition is named "Paper Love".

Textile artist Helena Bengtsson is frequently represented in public places, museums and exhibitions in Sweden. The exhibition at the gallery Sebastian Schildt + is her first exhibition of only her artwork in paper and paperboard. It runs until April 5.

In the opening invitation you can read:
"At a time when words like local and regional produce have become catchwords, it is perhaps not surprising that our emotions are triggered when we see the paper artwork that artist Helena Bengtsson creates. Besides their simple beauty, they are made of paper that had once been spruce and pine. Artwork in a simple, natural and durable material – can it be more timely."

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