Corrugated boxes from Balabanovo

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Listening closely to customers resulted in new converting line in Balabanovo

Back in 2010, the corrugated market in Russia was under pressure due an insufficient raw material supply, and the converting capacity was almost fully utilised.
​This was a major concern to our business and, of course, to our customers in the electronics industry, who wanted to ensure they received their corrugated boxes on time, and in the quality and quantity they needed to support their own business, which was booming at this time.
Our customers were looking for a closer relationship. This was a wake-up call for management at Stora Enso Packaging Russia to seriously consider extending the company's capacity by investing in a new, modern converting line. 

The aim was to remain the most reliable supplier for customers in the electronics industry. The investment gained approval in a very short period of time since management realised it was important for the company's customers, as well as for Stora Enso Packaging itself. 



​The new converting line was running at full capacity less than a year later and the investment resulted in highly positive feedback from satisfied customers and growing business for Stora Enso. This is a good example of how we can grow together with our customers by listening closely and understanding their needs.​

Stora Enso Packaging has been in Russia for more than 15 years. Stora Enso Packaging Russia's headquarters are located in Balabanovo, about 85 kilometres southwest of Moscow.