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Stora Enso makes huge investments in Guangxi

Since Stora Enso commenced operations in China in 1985, the country has grown to be the company’s third-largest region in terms of employees.

To meet growing local demand, a huge investment is now under way in order to enable the company to better serve its customers in China and neighbouring countries.

By 2016, a fully operational consumer board machine will be in place outside the city of Beihai in the Guangxi region, and a chemical pulp mill will be established at a later date. Since China is currently dependent on imports for wood and fibre, large plantations have also been set up under Stora Enso’s management. These plantations cover a total of 90,000 hectares of land, which is equivalent to an area slightly larger than the region of Hong Kong. The total investment in Beihai will be the largest ever in the history of Stora Enso.


Stora Enso will have some 3,000 employees in Guangxi. In addition to enabling the company to better meet customer demand for fibre-based renewable packaging, this investment will also have a highly positive effect on the local economy as each employee translates to roughly ten times as many indirect jobs. Local landowners will also benefit from the investment.

This project is unique, not only in terms of the sheer size of the investment. It is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and its Chinese equivalent (CFCC).

The entire Guangxi project is an excellent illustration of Stora Enso’s strategy to be a renewable materials company and to be well-established in growth markets. The mill will be a strong industrial platform for future expansion in the region.