Imatra mill towards World Class Manufacturing

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Imatra a forerunner in World Class Manufacturing

Stora Enso must continuously improve its operational excellence to remain competitive. To support this process, a concept known as World Class Manufacturing will be deployed across the company division renewable packaging operations.

The Imatra mill in Finland has been chosen by the Operations Excellence Team to be a forerunner and a pilot in this work.

The concept utilises the best aspects of the Lean, TPM and Six Sigma methods. It is a structured way of addressing losses, and boosting the entire organisation's ability to implement improvements. A pilot project was started at the Tainionkoski Mill in Imatra in September 2013, and the lessons learned from this project will be utilised in the roll-out for the company's entire renewable packaging operations during 2014.

In brief, World Class Manufacturing is based on cross-functional improvement teams where all of the employees involved work on improvements to increase efficiency, quality, safety and customer satisfaction.



​World Class Manufacturing also includes refining daily management procedures and identifying ways for operators to support machinery maintenance. The intention is for each improvement team to show concrete results within 12 weeks without any technical investment. During the six-month pilot, the main focus will be on overall efficiency ' meaning that all projects will focus on addressing losses, for example, by reducing waste, rectifying defects and improving start-up times.

A large part of the project will focus on changing the company's mindset. In many cases, small improvements to our working methods can add up to large savings for the mill and cumulative savings at the group level. Once the pilot has been assessed, it will no longer be implemented as a project, but rather as an updated company culture and new way of working.