Liquid packaging board from Skoghall

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Swedish Skoghall mill ensures future expansion

Covering an area the size of six football fields, the new wood yard at the Skoghall mill, located close to Karlstad in Sweden, is impressive.
It is part of a major investment to enhance the efficiency of the mill, which is among the top-ten largest consumer board mills in the world. In fact, one out of six beverage cartons in the world is produced from liquid packaging board from Skoghall. 
The wood yard and wood room at the Skoghall mill had grown old and were causing a bottleneck, preventing a smooth production operation. An investment plan to improve the company's wood handling processes and enable further expansion was adopted in early 2011 and implemented in late 2012. 



‚ÄčThe Skoghall mill now has a very high degree of self-sufficiency when it comes to wood chips, which makes the fibre supply much more flexible. Logistics were also improved. Among other changes, a new railway track was put in place so that the wood yard could receive more deliveries using environmentally friendly train transport, which meant 2,500 fewer truck deliveries per year.

The numbers used when referring to the Skoghall mill are impressive. For instance, one of the world's largest liquid packaging board machines is located at Skoghall and produces 450,000 tonnes per year. The mill employs some 850 people and 85 per cent of its production is exported. Continuous investments are part of the Skoghall story. Since 1994, SEK 10 billion (EUR 1.1 billion) has been invested in the Skoghall mill.