Stora Enso Consumer Board

Redesigning the future with renewable packaging

Stora Enso offers top performing truly sustainable innovative solutions for your packaging needs. We can help you improve your customers’ experience by outstanding packaging solutions. We are eager to listen to your needs and make sure your products are not only protected by packaging but it actually increases the value of your brand. Step ahead by using renewable and recyclable biomaterials. We have designers and packaging experts ready around the world to work out the best solution for you and your products.

Explore the full potential with us

Top-quality materials and innovative solutions optimize the performance of a package in its particular user environment and marketing situation. The scale and scope of Stora Enso Consumer Board and Packaging Solution's operations make it possible to offer a versatile selection of products and solutions for different end uses and to serve our customers all over the globe. Food, drinks, pharmaceuticals, luxury, electronics and graphical industry are just a few of the markets we serve.

Paperboard is smooth and strong, light and bright as well as versatile and cost-effective. A generous printing surface and superb print quality make paperboard packages ideal information carriers and brand builders. Reliability in high-speed filling lines saves money and minimises production downtime. Renewable fibres make a particularly well-founded choice also environmentally.

The ultimate challenge, however, lies in using the full potential of the material intelligently and innovatively to create solutions and concepts that will have a competitive edge. The edge can be obtained in product protection, material savings, production and logistics costs, trade preference, consumer acceptance, and shelf presence or recycling effciency. Such solutions do not materialize out of thin air. They stem from active interaction with the whole packaging community. At Stora Enso, our true ambition is the cooperation with our partners, aiming to promote the efficiency and sustainability of fibre-based packaging.