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Recreate Packaging 2018 is ongoing

Registration to Recreate Packaging 2018 design competition has ended! Now we look forward to receiving entries by the end of January 2018 to our contest office. Voting for the Public Choice Award will be open in February.

An appealing packaging actually can alter not only the general impression but also the perceived taste of a food product. Recreate Packaging 2018 challenges designers to rethink kids’ food packaging: how to make the whole product experience fun and enjoyable for kids?

The Recreate Packaging by Stora Enso is a design competition that seeks new packaging ideas and solutions based on renewable materials. Recreate Packaging is widely recognized in the international design community, media and social channels, which provides great opportunities for talented designers to stand out. Students and professional designers are competing in their own categories. Winners will be celebrated at a special event in April 2018. Visit the competition website to learn more!

Recreate Packaging 2016

How do you get the best out of the tactile properties of paperboard in luxury packaging? That was the challenge of the Recreate Packaging 2016 competition for professional designers and design students around the world. The competition, organised by Stora Enso, was focusing on three luxury packaging end-use areas: perfume & cosmetics, champagne & fine spirits and chocolate & confectionery. The materials were Ensocoat, CKB and Performa Brilliance.

The awards were granted in a fabulous event at the Knickerbocker hotel in New York on the 11 May 2016. Duncan Anderson won the student category and Micaela Nilsson the professional category. 12 000 votes were casted in the voting the Public Choice Award.