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Valio Plus Milk carton

New design for Valio Plus Milk featuring Lahti 2017

​The Finnish dairy group Valio is launching three Valio Plus value added milk products, across stores in Finland, with Lahti 2017 branding before the coming FIS Nordic Ski Championships. The board is produced by Stora Enso and the milk cartons are manufactured by Tetra Pak. The official Lahti 2017 logo, which always comes together with the Stora Enso logo, is printed on the side panel of the carton.

One of the best Finnish women cross country skiers, Kerttu Niskanen, has been co-operating with Valio for the last couple of years. On the carton she speaks of a healthy diet and how important milk is when exercising and relaxing. She also confirms that she will be skiing in Lahti 2017.

The Valio Plus milk is not regular milk but an added value product, which strengthens your bones and muscles. It contains 50% more protein than normal milk and is rich in calcium and D-vitamin. The Lahti 2017 design will be visible on the cartons throughout December.