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Packaging for eggs

​​​Epicur, a division of the agricultural holding Leto, produces and sells poultry and eggs in the central region of Russia. The company has been on the market for over 15 years and its products are sold by more than 30 retailers.

Three years ago, Epicur began a project to develop a packaging solution for cartons of 20 eggs under the Leto brand. The packaging solution was recently updated and improved in cooperation with Stora Enso Renewable Packaging, resulting in a 40 per cent increase in sales during the first month after the product was launched. The new packaging solution offers many advantages compared with the old solution.

A new structural design made it possible to use a 20 per cent smaller package for the same number of eggs, what meant less packaging material. The company, in turn, has experienced benefits in terms of logistics – a 60 per cent improvement for transportation on pallets – thanks to the new construction of the box. The rigid structure has significantly reduced the amount of breakage, making it easier for consumers to carry the product and guaranteeing safety during transportation. But most importantly, the new packaging has provided extra shelf space – the most precious and expensive commodity in the consumer-retail value chain. Where the company’s merchandisers were previously able to store eight boxes, they can now fit ten to 12.

Epicur can now collaborate with various types of retail operations, from small grocery stores to hypermarkets, placing its new boxes on shelves or on pallets and mini-pallets. “We started looking for something different and new, and settled on a solution that combined several features – on the one hand, freshness and quality are a priority, but we also decided to be as innovative as possible. This may sound bizarre given that we were talking about the egg market and even our colleagues had some doubts that it would work, but we are successfully moving in this direction, primarily due to the innovations in packaging, eye-catching designs, new technologies and other inventive approaches,” says Andrey Filimonov, Sales and Marketing Director at Epicur. “We managed to break into this market because we decided not to choose the most common niche. It’s quite difficult to develop a new category by instilling new consumption behaviours, rather than focusing on an established niche, since habits are not easy to change. But we were there from the very beginning and are now starting to reap the fruits of our labour.”