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Quo Vadis Diary

Quo Vadis – top of the agenda

The French notebook and agenda specialist, Quo Vadis, is a customer with very high quality standard for the board material to be used. The company has selected EnsocoatTM by Stora Enso for the covers of its agenda products. For the last 50 years, Quo Vadis has earned a worldwide reputation for agendas and stationery products combining quality materials, durability and innovative design.

In its French language range, Quo Vadis has more than 80 different diaries inspired by people’s varying professional activities and personal lifestyles. As a responsible company, Quo Vadis emphasizes sustainable environment, protection of the environment and ecology and purchases only PEFC certified Ensocoat board. The diaries are printed in more than 15 languages such as Catalan, Lituanian, Polish, Japanese, French Canadian and are sold internationally on five continents.)

“Consistent production runs, very good product quality and good follow-up of any commercial matters and deliveries are the main reasons why we have selected Encocoat. We also appreciate that Stora Enso is actively developing the product and improving its quality,” says Philip Barron, who leads purchasing and planning at Quo Vadis.

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