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Recreate Packaging 2016 trophy by Bea Szenfeld

Recreate Packaging wins Guldägget in Sweden

Stora Enso’s Recreate Packaging 2016 has been awarded with Guldägget (The Golden Egg Award) in Sweden for the best packaging design.

The award was given to the trophy designed by Bea Szenfeld and the marketing agency River. The organizer of the Recreate Packaging design competition at Stora Enso’s Consumer Board Division, Mia Tervo, was extremely happy that Bea’s brilliant idea to describe the design process was recognized, and thankful for the dedicated team at the agency and for Stora Enso’s commitment to promote renewable packaging design and innovation.

The Guldägget 2017 awards gala was held 4th May in Stockholm. Guldägget is Sweden’s oldest, largest and most prestigious competition for the communication industry, with the purpose to draw attention to the best advertisement, lead the industry forward and raise the level of the creative standard.