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Juleakvavit box

Revealing a hidden treasure

​Aalborg Christmas Aquavit belongs to the Scandinavian Christmas table. Every three years there is a new edition with a distinctive bottle and box design. This time the schnapps comes in its own stylish “liquor cabinet” manufactured by FrontPac in Malmö, Sweden.

It looks like a normal liquor box. The print quality is excellent, with the dominating matte dark green, a bright logo and sophisticated small details printed with gold metallic ink. However, this box does not open from the top, but instead from the side, as though you were opening a liquor cabinet. And voilà, there is your famous bottle of schnapps, sitting nicely in the stylish cabinet. The box is made from Stora Enso’s Ensocoat 2S board.

“Our customer Arcus first suggested a box with a window, but we actually covered it behind the door. The surprise comes when you open it – it is a true out-of-box experience,” says Martin Enocson, Managing Director of FrontPac.

The inside of the box includes pictures of previous Aalborg Christmas Aquavit editions since 1982 – the bottle and box have become collectibles. It is common to buy two bottles, one to drink and one to add to your collection. The 2014 edition features the Battle of DybbØl, which changed the course of Denmark’s history 150 years ago.

“We use Ensocoat 2S for this package, since the board is coated on both sides and therefore provides the same print result both inside and outside the box. Our designers did a good job fine-tuning the structural design to work in our production process, filling and use. The box is made from one piece of board of 450 gsm weight, and we deliver the flat printed and glued blanks to Denmark to be filled with the bottles,” Mr Enocson explains.

“Our board selection provides good material options for FrontPac to cater for the various package types they produce. Of course, it is a great honour to be the board supplier for the 2014 Aalborg Christmas Aquavit,” says Stora Enso’s Sales Manager Tomas Rosenskold.