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Chrysalis perfume package design by Duncan Anderson

The story of Chrysalis by Duncan Anderson, the Recreate Packaging 2016 winner

Duncan Anderson has studied Packaging & Branding Design at the Lahti Institute of Design, Finland. He told us the story of his award-winning design, Chrysalis.

“I visited a butterfly sanctuary last summer where I first saw a chrysalis and thought it would be interesting to use it as the basis for a project as it's a great example of packaging found in nature. It seemed to fit well to the Recreate Packaging 2016 brief, the idea of this beautiful shell protecting this elegant product inside and the use of nature in renewable packaging. I thought the name was quite fitting to perfume as well.

I tried out quite a few different shapes and opening mechanisms before deciding on the final concept so it took a lot of time and late nights but it was important to find the right answer I was looking for. I think the main key aspect to be successful in a competition is to be really clear about the brief and judging requirements but also to keep referring back to it throughout the process as our minds have a tendency to wander. During the process I always make a lot of mockups to develop ideas and to fine tune them. Then I create the final ones to the highest standard I can. When presenting the work, I think it's important to be really clear about the points that you need to get across, the mockup should in many ways speak for itself so it's important to cut out any superfluous information and stick to key points.

Paperboard materials are something that I have always loved working with ever since I was a child, starting with this flat piece of material and figuring out new possibilities is a bit like being an explorer. I like that paper is an ancient material but we can still find innovative ways to keep developing and using it, for me it feels like it has a lot of depth, warmth and versatility. Throughout my course of studies I've been mainly developing my skills with renewable packaging. It's where I've found my strongest abilities to lie and I'm very happy about that because I love to work in this area.”