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Household electronics are usually valuable and often fragile products that impose special requirements on their packaging. For a product that may cost hundreds of euros, you want a packaging solution that, in addition to protecting the product, also communicates its value and uniqueness.

Electronics production is streamlined and can easily be jeopardised without timely packaging deliveries of a high, consistent quality. At Stora Enso, we have decades of experience of working closely with many electronics giants. We know how to create packages and services that fit your production, supply chain and sales channel.

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    Stora Enso is well-represented in both Europe and Asia, in close proximity to the areas where electronics production is carried out. We have a variety of renewable materials on hand. With a wide range of corrugated board solutions and carton boards with excellent printing possibilities, we will find a solution to make your product stand out. Let us be part of your product development and let’s rethink your packaging needs together.