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​Stora Enso graphical boards are designed to deliver only the best in smoothness and lasting brightness. Our boards are well-known for their good printability, runnability and finishing performance. All this plus consistent high quality from batch to batch. 

Our graphical board range is well-suited for a variety of end uses, from premium quality greeting cards to magazine, book and catalogue covers, to name just a few.We are represented in every category, whether you are looking for Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) board, Chemi-Thermomechnical Pulp (CTMP) boards, folding boxboard (FBB) or Whitelined Chipboard (WLC). We have a selection of brands for you to choose from. You may have heard of Chromocard, Aurocard and Ensocard, not to mention Ensocoat, our flagship brand for top-notch print products.

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    Stora Enso’s dedicated graphical board sales team and technical experts are at your service. Quick board deliveries are guaranteed by effective sheeting services at our mills and service centres, including our Baienfurt Service Centre in the heart of Europe. Merchants in different countries also sell many of our brands and keep a local stock of different board grades, grammages and sheet sizes for instant delivery.