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Organic food packaging cues in the UK, Germany and China

Due to lack of knowledge and confusion about organic food, the look and feel of the packaging is even more important when it comes to reaching the consumers. Let's have a look on how the design impacts consumer's registration of organic food.

Green, illustrations, paperboard and distinctive fonts are parameters which are significant for how consumers act when they choose, or not choose organic products. Many consumers are all in to organic food, but there are also many skeptics.British consumers who buy organic or aspire to do so, firmly believe that it’s better for you – no pestides and no E numbers. They feel that it tastes better. Many feel buying organic is more important for certain types of products: especially meat and dairy, as it means no usage of antibiotics. However, many aspire to buy organic but their budget simply will not stretch to it. Some are more skeptic about organic food, beyond its price. They believe it does not always equal better taste. Some people feel that if you choose something that is organic, you need to follow through and buy everything organic for it to make sense. The package is important for our behaviour of buying. In the UK, consumers believe that organic food is easily identifiable through its design. For example, the Brits highly associate designs with green, earthy colours and muted colours and a rustic, authentic and ‘back to nature’ look and feel with organic food.

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