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A new CKB grade from Stora Enso

Stora Enso is introducing CKB 195 g/m2 board, specially developed for use as a top liner for corrugated materials, boxes and displays. The new 195 g/m2 grade is ideal in combination with other materials, thanks to its sleek surface and high efficiency in converting processes. Improved resource efficiency makes it a sustainable choice.

As a top liner, CKB offers exceptional strength, cracking resistance and stable performance in gluing. Its high bulk provides a sleek surface, which helps to avoid the washboard effect when laminated on top of fluting materials.

Stora Enso’s development of CKB has targeted maximum resource efficiency by introducing specific lightweighting technology throughout the entire CKB grammage range this autumn. Capacity increases at Stora Enso’s Skoghall Mill in Sweden secure availability. The entire CKB grammage range is now 175 to 380 g/m2. Thanks to lightweighting, CKB is more sustainable than before, as it takes less raw material to produce. CKB is a preferred packaging board for many wine, beer and beverage brand owners, who use it in cartons and multipacks.

“We have high expectations for CKB to take a bigger market share as a top liner, as the board is now more sustainable and competitive thanks to its lower weight,” says Öystein Aksnes, Stora Enso’s General Packaging Segment Director.

CKB is a multilayer kraft back board. A creative designer can use the brown back of the board to achieve a natural look and feel. Stora Enso offers CKB with several special coating options, which increase the designer’s choices. Excellent protection of goods, logistics efficiency and branding power are consistent with CKB. The board is also known for its excellent runnability in printing and converting processes.