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All about Stora Enso in Guangxi on new micro site

​Stora Enso is now launching a separate website about its investments and operations in Guangxi in southern China. In the website you can, among other things, read more about the forest operations, the construction of the mill and Stora Enso’s responsibility work.

The website is a way of increasing the transparency of Stora Enso’s operations and a way to reach out to stakeholders with a special interest by gathering relevant information on the Guangxi operations in one place.

You find the website at:

Stora Enso’s activities in Guangxi includes setting up a new consumer board mill and operating 90 000 hectar of eucalyptus plantations. In 2016 the board machine will be ready and after that a pulp mill will be set up. Today, about 1 000 people work for Stora Enso in the Guangxi region and when the mill is up and running, the operations will employ about 2 000 people and will generate about 30 000 jobs in the region.