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Anjalankoski Mill becomes a no-smoking area

Stora Enso’s Anjalankoski Mill has decided to ban smoking in the mill area completely. This issue was addressed through a year-long co-determination process, and although it was not easy, a final decision was reached: as of 1 September 2013, smoking is forbidden within the mill’s gates.

​While smoking is now prohibited at work, no one is required to quit smoking entirely. Half of the employees who smoke have expressed a desire to quit altogether or indicated that they have at least thought about quitting. Together with the occupational health services, Stora Enso supports its employees who wish to quit smoking and covers the costs of rehabilitation medication.

​The decision was made based on health reasons, since smoking is a major health risk. In addition, illnesses related to smoking are a significant cause of absence from work. Employees who smoke take an average of five to ten more sick days than non-smokers.