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Carton board going nuts

The Stora Enso Barcelona Mill has a long history of fully recycling used beverage cartons collected from all over Europe into new carton board, energy and aluminium briquettes. Now the mill is running tests to produce carton board based on fibres from ground hazelnut shells. This is done via an EU-funded R&D project together with Ferrero, one of the world’s largest chocolate producers, PTS, a German Research institute and Stora Enso’s own R&D department.

​"After milling the nut shells we have been able to use it as raw material in the pulp for carton board. We are still experimenting on the ideal mixture of nut shell fibres in the pulp but so far it works well for stiffness and bulk. The hazelnut fibres are used in the board's middle layer and have also been tested for allergy aspects without any problems. Visually there is no way to tell a hazelnut board apart from regular carton board," says Miguel Sánchez, Mill Manager at the Stora Enso Barcelona Mill.

The project is now in a preindustrial phase and ends next year. After that we can hopefully see hazelnut chocolate packed with board based on hazel nut shell fibres.

"This way 100% of the hazelnut is used and nothing needs to go to waste. In the future you will be able to buy chocolate with hazelnuts wrapped in hazelnut board. That is a good way of using resources. We are even making tests with cocoa skin as a raw material for fibre in pulp, but that is still in a very early stage."

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