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Coca-Cola chooses Re-board from Stora Enso for this year's Christmas campaign

Christmas shopping season is already in full swing in grocery stores. There are many companies competing for their products to get as great exposure opportunities as possible in stores. One of the companies that succeed very well in getting visibility is Coca-Cola and their Swedish Christmas campaign "Make someone happy". This year’s store campaign is entirely made from the sustainable paperboard material Re-board from Stora Enso.

"We have high demands on the material in our store promotions. It should be durable and sturdy at the same time as it should be stylish and convey a sense of premium, explains Susanne Baldefors, Shopper Marketing, Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden AB and continues. "It is also important that it is easy to set up in the shop and that it gives a good printing surface. Since we have a focus on sustainability throughout the company, we want the material to be manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and that it can be recycled. We think Re-board meets our requirements and are satisfied with the material."

Creates Christmas spirit in stores
For businesses to get extra space in the stores for their campaigns, they need to bring additional value to the merchant.
"It is important that our campaigns increase sales in stores. Our red color is a big advantage especially at Christmas. We can help to create Christmas spirit in the stores, which merchants appreciate a lot", says Susanne Baldefors.

Make someone happy
Coca-Cola Christmas campaign in Sweden is called "Make someone happy”. By buying Coca-Cola you collect codes from the capsule of the bottles, which can then be converted into Christmas presents.
"There is a great variety to choose from. From hotel stays, films, speakers and cruises to candy boxes and flower gift cards. There is something for everyone", says Susanne Baldefors.
The idea is to drive consumers into the stores through ad campaigns in digital and print media.
"Our main channel is the store itself. It is important to create visibility and convey emotions. So the design of our store campaigns are extremely important to us", says Susanne Baldefors.

Renewed trust
It is the second time that Coca-Cola chooses Re-board as a material for one of their store promotions. It is also the second time that the Swedish based company X Branding Nordic has been contracted to manufacture the campaign.
"The biggest challenge in this campaign was the sleigh. We came in early in the process and could be involved in developing of a construction of the sleigh that was stable and durable and at the same time would be easy for the seller to use to display the products. It has been a good co-operation in this campaign and we are all happy with the result. The sleigh got really cool”, says Tommy Andersson, CEO, X Branding Nordic.

The sleigh creates a wow feeling

Susanne Baldefors agrees with Tommy Andersson.
"It's the sleigh that adds an extra dimension in this store campaign. It gives a wow feeling and stand out in the store. Santa Claus with his sleigh and reindeer symbolizing that he is on his way home to the families. We want to strengthen the sense of a genuine Christmas. That it is time spent with family and friends that is significant and important during Christmas”, says Susanne Baldefors.

Creative, stable and environmentally friendly
The shop campaign consists of three parts: the sleigh that is made of the Re-board quality Premium and Santa Claus and reindeer made of White Core. The campaign material is distributed just in time to grocery stores throughout Sweden from X Branding Nordic.
"We also work in other materials than Re-board but there are a lot of requirements that the material in store promotions need to meet. We think there are so many benefits of Re-board and therefore we try as much as possible to introduce it to our customers. Re-board is so creative, stable and environmentally friendly, says Tommy Andersson.

Happiness in Norrköping

There is also a great happiness for the Coca-Cola Christmas campaign at Stora Enso's factory in Norrköping in Sweden that manufactures Re-board.
"We are extremely delighted and proud that such a large brand owners as Coca-Cola, selects Re-board as material for their Christmas campaign. It is so encouraging that more global companies are discovering the benefits of our unique material, which is so incredibly lightweight and yet exceptionally strong", says Andreas Hörnfeldt, CEO, Stora Enso Re-board.

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