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EU Ecolabel granted for Stora Enso’s graphical boards

Stora Enso can now offer its graphical boards Ensocoat and Chromocard with the EU Ecolabel Certificate, which confirms that the boards fulfil the European Commission’s ecological criteria for copying and graphic paper.

​“The EU Ecolabel stands for environmental excellence and is awarded to products and services that meet high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle, from raw material procurement to production, distribution and disposal. We are proud that our graphical brands qualified for the certificate, which will provide our graphical customers opportunities to gain competitive edge in their markets,” says Eva Lundqvist, Graphical Boards Segment Development Manager.

Customers using the boards with the EU Ecolabel can further apply for the certificate to be used in their products, in order to effectively communicate their sustainability to consumers who are increasingly aware and keen on choosing environmentally sound products. Stora Enso’s long-time customer Hamelin, specialising in high-quality stationery for school, office and fine art, has already filed an application to acquire the certificate for its notebooks, which use Ensocoat in the covers.

​Also Stora Enso’s board grades Performa White, Performa Bright and Performa Cream are available with the EU Ecolabel when used for graphical end use areas. The EU Ecolabel criteria includes strict requirements for board production, including the use of certified fibre, limitations of harmful substances and emissions, restrictions on energy use, and implementation of waste management systems. The same environmentally sound processes are used in packaging board production, although the EU Ecolabel only applies to graphical end use areas.

For more information please contact: Sanna Heiskanen