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Meet Stora Enso during the Almedalen week

This year more than 3 000 seminars and other events will take place during the Almedalen week (June 29 – July6) on the island of Gotland in Sweden. The week is a unique event as political parties, NGOs, companies and media comes together for a few intense days with a lot of discussions, meetings and lobbying going on.

​This year Stora Enso Renewable Packaging will be present with a seminar of our own about how new clever renewable packaging solutions can help reduce food waste in the world.

At the seminar Kenneth Collander, head of environmental issues at Stora Enso Sweden will participate together with Fredrik Werner, packaging specialist at Stora Enso Renewable Packaging. In a panel also Åsa Domeij head of environmental and sustainability issues at Axfood will participate together with Lisa Säfwenberg, packaging expert at Axfood and Helén Williams a packaging researcher from Karlstad University.

​See more about the seminar on the web of the Almedalen week which takes place on Thursday July 3 at 12:00 at Miljöaktuellt arena at Gotlands museum in Visby.

Almedalsveckan Event (In Swedish)

“Our products and packaging solutions are based on renewable materials and can really make a difference when it comes to handle food waste for a growing world population. How food is packed and handled will be a critical issue and we can contribute with food packaging that that has less of an impact on the climate and the environment,” says Kenneth Collander.