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New Viewpoint launch - Millennials reshape the market for packaging

The Stora Enso division Packaging Solutions is launching its fourth Viewpoint report on packaging trends. This time it is about the preferences of Millennials, people born between 1980 and 2000. These consumers will represent almost half of the European workforce in 2025, making them a must-win for brand owners and retailers.

​"Millennials expect products to be sustainable throughout the packaging value chain, to a higher degree compared to previous generations. In this new Millennial Viewpoint we provide the rationale to how retailers and brand owners can increase their sales and margins by using sustainable fiber-based packaging solutions to win the Millennials," says Björn Thunström, VP Marketing & Customer Loyalty at Stora Enso Packaging Solutions.

A striking 59% of Millennials believe it's important that packaging is sustainable throughout the entire value chain, with fiber-based packaging being considered the most sustainable packaging material compared to plastics, glass and metal packaging. The report shows that sustainable packaging can offer unexpected opportunities to improve net sales by 2-4% and EBIT margin by 1-2.5% for retailers.

The report will be presented by Hannu Alalauri, Head of Stora Enso Packaging Solutions on January 27th at Global Packaging Summit in Barcelona.

You find the viewpoint report in several languages at