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Recreate Packaging 2018: vote for Public Choice Award

New packaging designs competing for the Recreate Packaging 2018 awards by Stora Enso are now available for viewing on the competition website, and it is time to vote for the winner of the Public Choice Award. Voting is open until the end of February 2018.

The Recreate Packaging 2018 challenges designers to rethink kids' food packaging: how to make the whole product experience fun, enjoyable and appealing for kids? With the competition, Stora Enso wants to promote innovation in renewable packaging to replace plastic and other non-renewable packaging. Designers have clearly been inspired to improve kids' food packaging as the number of entries to the competition nearly doubled to 258.

Stora Enso has organised Recreate Packaging biennially since 2012, providing an excellent platform for talented designers to stand out. Students and professional designers compete in their own categories. In addition to the Public Choice Award, an expert jury will select winners in both categories. The Recreate Packaging 2018 awards will be handed out in Madrid on 17 May 2018 at a special event hosted by Stora Enso, in connection with the epda congress (European Packaging Designers' Association).

See all the designs and vote for your favourite now at!

"Taste is visual. An appealing packaging can alter not only the general impression but also the perceived taste of a food product, and encourage kids to eat more food products that are organic, high quality, sustainable and contain natural ingredients."

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