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Redesigning the future with renewable packaging


Renewable packaging and food waste in focus during Stora Enso’s seminar in Almedalen

How clever Renewable Packaging can contribute to reduce food waste was the theme for the seminar Stora Enso organised yesterday in Almedalen on the Swedish island of Gotland.

​The global food waste is huge problem. According to United Nations close to 30% of the world’s food production is in vain. A great part of the food waste can be helped by better packaging and a closer cooperation in the value chain from producer to consumer. Stora Enso had invited Axfood’s packaging expert Lisa Säfwenberg and the Helén Williams, a researcher from Karlstad university specialising in packaging to discuss the topic with Stora Enso Sweden’s environmental manager, Kenneth Collander and the Fredrik Werner, Packaging expert at Stora Enso.

The seminar was a part of Miljöaktuellt Arena and was recorded. It can be seen (in Swedish) on the following link: