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Signing UN Global Compact – a First Step for Bulleh Shah – Ambreen Waheed appointed Global Responsibility Director

In March 2013 Ambreen Waheed joined Bulleh Shah, the Stora Enso joint-venture in Pakistan, as Global Responsibility Director. Among her first actions was having the company sign the United Nations Global Compact for corporate social responsibility (CSR).

“Signing is just a first step. It makes us part of a network, and exchange ideas. But signing UNGC is only a starting point. There's much work ahead", says Ambreen Waheed.

She has an impressive background in Corporate Responsibility. Over the past fifteen years, since co-founding Responsible Business Initiative as a CSR Think Tank, Ambreen has been directly involved with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and UN Global Compact's pioneering initiatives distilling from her experience the Responsible Business Framework (RBF), which she says embodies her practical understanding of CSR in action.

While discussing their future potential of sustainability work at Bulleh Shah, Stora Enso asked if she would take up the challenge to implement her Responsibility vision at Bulleh Shah.

“Forestry is a new area for me, and supply chain issues in the paper and packaging industry are quite challenging. In the end I was convinced of the potential this role has, of bringing change. I had to take it on”, she says.

Ambreen says her work at Bulleh Shah will take time to show impact. It is not just about ticking boxes. She and her team is initially focusing on four areas.

“The first relates to our operational Environment, particularly Health & Safety. Not confined to plant sites, but spanning our entire direct supply chain. The second addresses our own business-level decision-making, which reflects how we live our company values, demonstrate responsibility in our behaviours, and implement our ethics code of conduct in relation to expectations from our own employees and wider stakeholders", Ambreen Waheed explains.

She says the third covers the supply chain, starting as it does, with agri-waste suppliers and farmers, but also includes the many vendors and suppliers of all various materials or services. The work focuses especially on the risk of child labour through supplier requirements, supplier education, auditing and community projects.

“Finally, our fourth, and perhaps most visible, are our communications, internal as well as external, that drive our collaborative work with stakeholders such as investors, competitors, government, civil society organisations, international agencies and our own local host communities.”

Asked about her impressions about Stora Enso, Ambreen is pleased with what she sees.

"The intent is definitely there. Management understand how responsibility is about day-to-day decisions reflecting responsible behaviour in action. How it is all linked together. The company is moving in the right direction, if you look at the support my team and I have received as we integrate responsibility into operational elements of the organisation. In my view the biggest sign is how we are choosing evidence-based community investment responses above token gestures like opening up a clinic or a school."