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Stora Enso and CC Pack plant trees together so more renewable packaging can grow

On Wednesday the 14th of September, Stora Enso and CC Pack collaborated to organise a plant-a-tree day outside CC Pack’s factory in Tibro, Sweden.

The idea of using the land around CC Pack’s factory for planting a forest came from one of the company’s employees. “Planting our own forest around the plant was an excellent idea. It provides us with the opportunity to be involved from the very beginning and see the raw material for our renewable packaging grow just around the corner from our factory. By owning a forest that binds carbon dioxide we can practise climate compensation and create something sustainable for the future,” says Christoffer Olbrich, the CEO of CC Pack, which manufactures food packaging mainly from cartonboard. Stora Enso is one of the main suppliers of board, with the Trayforma board that is tailored for pressed and folded trays, to CC Pack.

“This is the first time that one of our packaging customers has asked us for help in planting a forest. We truly appreciate CC Pack’s initiative. Together, we used the opportunity to invite a number of guests to help us begin planting the forest – the starting shot for more renewable board packaging,” says Jonas Pettersson, Vice President Product Management and Marketing at Stora Enso Consumer Board.

Around twenty guests joined  the plant-a-tree day. The event included presentations of CC Pack’s and Stora Enso’s operations and a guided tour of the factory facilities. Customers from France and the Nordic countries as well as Tibro municipality participated and took on the assignment of planting seedlings with great enthusiasm.

A total number of 6,000 birch trees will be planted on the three-hectare piece of land next to CC Pack’s plant in Tibro. This corresponds to 60 million trays or 72 million cups. "A large crop of renewable packaging is now growing just around the corner from our factory,” says Christoffer Olbrich. Around 50 years from now, it will be time to harvest the forest, which has aptly been named “Tray Forest”, as trays are one of CC Pack’s key products. CC Pack manufactures food packaging and is part of the AR Packaging Group. CC Pack has around 40 employees and annual sales amounting to EUR 13 million. Of production, 60% is exported to 17 countries.

CC Pack Plant-a-tree-day