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Stora Enso celebrates 50th anniversary of Ensocoat at Luxe Pack

Ensocoat is Stora Enso’s flagship brand for luxury packaging and graphical products. Its 50th anniversary will be celebrated at Stora Enso’s stand at Luxe Pack Monaco 2014.

​During recent years, the development of Ensocoat has focused on whiteness, brightness, bluer shade, improved UV resistance and better surface smoothness. As a result, an increasing number of luxury brands are now selecting Ensocoat for their packaging. In the graphical business, the position of Ensocoat has been strengthened this year by the EU Ecolabel certificate, which was recently granted to Ensocoat, the first SBS board in the world to receive it.
Stora Enso will also showcase the award-winning entries of the 2014 Recreate Packaging design competition, focusing on travel packaging, as well as the company’s entire range of premium boards for packaging cosmetics, fragrances, personal care products, champagne, wine and spirits.

​Welcome to visit Stora Enso’s stand RC18 in the Ravel hall!

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Further information: Sanna Heiskanen, Manager, Communications, Stora Enso Renewable Packaging, Consumer Board


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