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Stora Enso Recreate Packaging 2018 – finalists shortlisted and Public Choice winner clear

Klaudia Rajca and Martyna Matuszkiewicz, students at Poznań University of Economics and Business in Poland, have won the Public Choice Award in the Stora Enso Recreate Packaging 2018 design competition.

“Smart Snack”, their winning children’s food packaging design, includes a playful jigsaw puzzle that must be solved to open the package. It scored 2 717 votes in the open voting on the competition website

For the final round in the Recreate Packaging 2018, the competition jury has singled out twelve finalists in the student category and five finalists in the professional category. The winners of these categories will be announced in May 2018.

Recreate Packaging is a biennial design competition organised by Stora Enso to promote innovation in renewable packaging to replace non-renewable materials such as plastics. This time, the competition theme is children's food packaging; how to make the full product experience fun, enjoyable and appealing for children. 258 entries made it to the competition, and the jury was impressed by the numerous brilliant, playful and highly functional designs in both categories, especially from students.

5 finalists in the professional category shortlisted by the jury

  • "Bacaly Snake" by Karolina Lademann & Tomasz Żakowski, Poland
  • "The Dragon Pack" by Adam Rawlings & Adam Lunn, UK
  • "Fruit Glasses" by Viktoriia Schmidt & Arthur Schmidt, Germany
  • "Dig" by Martin Sombathy, USA
  • "Snack+Break" by Denise Aimar, Valentina Rizzo, Antonella Zeverino & Chiara Borghi, Italy

12 finalists in the student category shortlisted by the jury

  • "Cereal Hero" by Noora Kumpulainen & Meri Miinalainen, Aalto University, Finland
  • "Finn the Fox" by Inka Salminen, Kiira Keski-Hakuni, Sanni Wessman & Iida Pohjolainen, Aalto University
  • "Waky-Up Muesli" by Natalia Dębicka, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland
  • "Are You Nuts" by Jerzy Łempicki & Magdalena Katana, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland
  • "Save The Trip" by Marie Falk, Brobygrafiska, Sweden
  • "The Muesli Whale" by Linea Danielsson, Brobygrafiska
  • "Animeals" by Oskar Hilario & Simon Essnert, Nackademin, Sweden
  • "MonsterFruits" by Marcus Zieboll & Tino Buschhorn, Stuttgart Media University, Germany
  • "Fresh Breeze" by Sonja Herr, Laura Kurpat, Sophia Wagner & Benedikt Lüke, Stuttgart Media University
  • "Ploffie" by Martin Wunner, Kim So Hyeon & Nguyet Nguyen, Stuttgart Media University
  • "Magic animal packaging" by Sophia Scherer & Lisa Scherer, Stuttgart Media University
  • "Power Circus" by Edda Seemann & Hanna Vayhinger, Stuttgart Media University

The shortlisted designs and all other entries are presented on the competition website The winners will be announced after the Recreate Packaging 2018 prize ceremony held in Madrid 17th May.

"Taste is visual. An appealing packaging can alter not only the general impression but also the perceived taste of a food product, and encourage kids to eat more food products that are organic, high quality, sustainable and contain natural ingredients."

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