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Water in focus when Stora Enso participated at Social Responsibility Day

​The conference Social Responsibility Day was held in Stockholm on February 11, 2015. The conference is one of the largest CSR conferences in Sweden and gathered many participants from business, academia, government and organizations.

One of the breakout seminars was arranged by Stora Enso in cooperation with Social Venture Network (, where Stora Enso is a member. Ola Svending, Environmental Affairs Manager at Stora Enso Consumer Board, was speaker together with Lisa E Svensson, Ambassador for Ocean, Seas and fresh water at the Swedish Government and Åsa Ranung, manager for Water environment at the NGO World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
The future global population growth will occur in regions already experiencing water stress and according to the UN World Water Development Report, 47% of world population will be living in areas of high water stress in 2030. The seminar was focusing on a different water issues seen from global, regional and local perspectives and the speakers were addressing, which solutions can be implemented to solve the problems both in e.g. emerging markets but also in the Baltic Sea, in places where water issues are equally important but completely different in nature.
“Water is a key resource for the paper industry, as well as for society in general. Over the years, industry has learnt and improved tremendously when it comes to conserving water and reducing our impacts on local water sheds. Access to clean water is a global challenge, that must be solved with local solutions. Access to clean water is a human right, and this social link is particularly strong in areas with limited access to water. Now that Stora Enso invests in Guangxi, China, we pay extra attention on utilizing knowledge and experience from our already existing operations in Europe, but also e.g. in Veracel plantations in Brazil. This will help our new operations in China, as well as our new neighbors there! The Water Stewardship Shared Value Creation project that we run in Guangxi together with Kemira is an excellent example of this”,  says Ola Svending.