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Winning the Millennial consumers with fiber-based packaging

On January 27th at the Global Packaging Summit in Barcelona, Hannu Alalauri, SVP Packaging Solutions, presented Stora Enso Packaging Solutions’s latest Viewpoint on the Future of Packaging for the Millennial consumer segment. Based on the Viewpoint, Hannu showed how fiber-based packaging can support brand owners and retailers to win the Millennial consumer segment.

The Millennials, a consumer group born between 1980 and 2000, are digitally native. For 85% of the Millennials the packaging material is part of the product and brand experience and packaging is an important purchasing criterion for 80%. Elena Mikhailova, Head of R&D Packaging at Unilever Russia, also underlines the importance of packaging: “We are with Stora Enso on the Russian market since we do understand how important packaging is for retailers and consumers”.

The Viewpoint was also presented at the Pace Packaging Summit in Brussels on February 11th by Björn Thunström, VP Marketing and Customer Loyalty at Packaging Solutions. “The insights from this Viewpoint can help retailers and brand owners increase their net sales by 2 – 4 % and additionally increase retailer EBIT margin by up to 2.5 %” emphasizes Björn.

The Viewpoint reports can be found at

Björn Thunström presenting the Viewpoint at PACE Packaging Summit in Brussels

Winning the Millennials with fiber-based packaging: insights from Stora Enso Packaging Solutions