Stora Enso AvantFlute SC

Stora Enso AvantFlute SC from Heinola Mill for a superior performance

AvantFlute SC

Production at the Heinola Fluting mill was started in 1961 and continuous reinvestments has made it remain one of world’s leading SC fluting mills. Taking a lead in quality means not just producing a superior material, but also providing you with all the service and support you need.

AvantFlute SC is our Semi Chemical fluting made from Nordic virgin fiber. It has been developed especially for demanding circumstances and tough requirements endured over long periods of time. When packing and transporting delicate goods like fruit, vegetables and other food products as well as products for heavy duty, our customers select and trust in AvantFlute SC from Heinola Fluting Mill.

To achieve a high microbiological purity, the main raw material used for our AvantFlute SC is primary fiber. This means that AvantFlute SC is a clean and hygienic product, perfect for food packaging. Food can be put into direct contact with the packaging with absolutely no risk of contamination.

The use of primary fiber also means that the material is renewable and recyclable – in other words, it’s as good for the planet as it’s good for your business.