Stora Enso AvantKraft

Stora Enso AvantKraft from Varkaus Mill for demanding needs


​AvantKraft Brown and AvantKraft White Top are our latest addition of kraftliners. To achieve its natural toughness and character, the main raw material used for AvantKraft is based on virgin fiber. This means it is an optimal choice for many applications demanding consistent performance both in terms of strength and cleanliness.
AvantKraft offers superior protection and creep resistance during long and cold transports, keeping in shape while being exposed to moisture, and coping with great variations in temperature. Packing and transporting fruit and vegetables, other food products, retail packaging and products for heavy duty packaging are perfect applications.

AvantKraft has been developed with branded goods in mind. AvantKraft Brown adds a natural and authentic colouring to the packaging while our White Top selection offers smooth whiteness.

Consistent surface texture, smoothness, colour hue stability, elimination of impurities, absorbency, and minimum wash boarding are properties that make AvantKraft excellent for printing and branding.