The King of Character


​​CKBTM is all about strong characters, strong brands and strong messages. It is an ideal packaging material for folding cartons of dry, chilled and frozen food, chocolate, wine and spirits. CKB also makes great multipacks – the eye-catching pack is light and strong and is easy to buy, carry, open and recycle. The material’s exceptional stiffness and strength, combined with great runnability and printing quality, make CKB a world-class choice for a wide range of applications. Yet one of the most important reasons to choose CKB is its proven food safety.

CKB has been developed over the years so that's its weight has been reduced and it requires less raw material to produce. This makes CKB very attractive and competitive in a wide range of end use applications where strength, stiffness, purity and runnability are the key properties.

CKB Nude

CKB NudeTM is a special product in the CKB family since it is fully brown on both sides. As an uncoated, brown board, CKB Nude has an eye-catching organic appeal to consumers who favour sustainable, natural products.

CKB Carrier

CKB CarrierTM boasts increased tear resistance, bending stiffness and highly impressive tensile and burst strength. These features provide protection in the most challenging conditions but the board also offers a smoothness and gloss that let you create a unique visual identity for your brand.

CKB Karneoli

CKB KarneoliTM is the newcomer in the CKB product family, produced at our Beihai mill, in China. It is used in beverage multipacks and chilled and frozen food packaging.

All the boards in our CKB family offer ultimate durability combined with excellent printability in both offset and digital printing. Besides being a renewable and recyclable material, CKB also provides a natural appearance thanks to its brown reverse.

Let us Help You

Added value by R&D

​Stora Enso has established a track record of developing packaging boards with improved material efficiency, a low carbon footprint and excellent packaging performance. Our expertise also covers advanced barrier coatings and CKB® is available with a variety of barrier coatings. Take advantage of our innovation and R&D competence – rethink your packaging with us.