CKB Nude

As nature intended

CKB Nude

​CKB Nude by Stora Enso is a new, uncoated carton board from Stora Enso. It has been designed to meet the consumer preferences for sustainable, renewable and recyclable packaging materials with natural look and feel.

Made from pure virgin fibre, CKB Nude is a safe choice for food packaging but also for many other products such as beverage, cosmetics and luxury packaging. CKB Nude provides a fantastic opportunity to differentiate a brand on the shelf. Its eye-catching and organic appeal embraces the beauty of nature’s own shades of brown – creating a look that is both timeless and trendy.

Made from 100% virgin fibre and in a strict production process similar to liquid packaging board, CKB Nude provides proven food safety, and there are no coating chemicals used. That creates additional value as there is an increasing demand for product safety practices in the value chain of foodstuffs.

CKB Nude offers the same remarkable stiffness and strength for which the entire Stora Enso CKB product family is known. Its outstanding runnability and convertibility enable high production efficiency and packaging performance in every application.

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CKB Nude

​The free sample kit includes board sheets in several grammages, showcasing print results and outstanding special effects. The sample kit demonstrates the look and feel of the board and how you can utilize it for various creative designs. The sample kit also includes technical product specifications.