Cupforma Special

For a Variety of Foods

Cupforma Special

​Safe, pure and recyclable Cupforma Special board is an excellent packaging material for a variety of foods, from ice cream cartons to spice containers. What makes Cupforma Special unique is its smooth, clay-coated surface and the multilayer construction of the baseboard, which allows the same stiffness and packaging performance to be maintained with a lower-weight board.

Various barrier options

The choice of polymer coating on board depends on the use. One-side coated board is used in food and ice cream packaging. Two-side coated board is used for chilled and frozen foods such as salads, soups and ice cream. Cupforma Special Barr offers additional grease and oxygen barriers and can be used for packaging biscuits and snacks, chocolate, chilled and frozen foods, ice cream and butter.

The winning combination

All members of the Cupforma family deliver excellent results in offset, flexographic and digital printing, and we also have a grade available for rotogravure printing. With the right coating, the Cupforma boards offer optimal barrier and sealing properties, printability, strength, formability and convertibility. Cupforma enables a combination of high-quality innovative graphics with original designs, shapes and sizes to meet the diverse needs of today’s demanding brand owners and consumers.

Let us Help You

Choosing the optimal barrier

Stora Enso produces a wide selection of board and paper for food service and packaging food and beverages. We provide the largest variety of polymer coatings, including PE, biopolymer, high-barrier and heat-resistant coatings. The right combination depends on the product and its use. If you are unsure about which alternative to choose, contact our sales representative, who will be happy to help you.