Design Studio

Rethink your packaging


​​DesignStudio is a Stora Enso concept and physical workshop environment where packaging solutions are developed together with our customers. Over 80 designers and 11 studios across Stora Enso are available to make sure your product receives the best possible packaging. 

We want to provide you with new ideas and share good examples that inspire you to rethink your packaging needs. At Stora Enso, we bring expertise from all relevant sectors to the table, not only outstanding designers but also experts in production and choice of materials. Packaging has many tasks to fulfil. It should help sell the product, add to the experience of the product, protect it during transport and, of course, be possible to produce in a cost-efficient way. 
In our studios, we have showrooms for benchmarking good packaging from around the world. Solutions from a completely different sector may spark an idea. You can see Stora Enso’s wide range of renewable materials and we can also help you with 3D visualisations to give you an idea of the end result early in the process.

We work in a true workshop culture with a cross-sector perspective. Together we create the best possible packaging for your needs. 

The DesignStudios are also well represented in Eastern Europe and the Asian growth markets. For instance, China is home to three studios alone. All DesignStudios are interconnected via video conferencing so that we can set global ad-hoc work groups.​

Let us Help You

We can help you address changing customer trends and behaviours

​One important aspect of the DesignStudio workshops is understanding how to address changing customer trends and behaviours. Today’s packaging has to do more and more of the sales work – and brands who act in accordance with this trend will be the winners.

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