For Strength and Sustainability


EnsocardTM by Stora Enso is a strong and stiff board with a natural rough surface. The board is used as such in graphical applications and cartons. Its specially-designed PET-coated version is particularly tear-resistant and suitable for child-resistant packaging.

As a graphical board, Ensocard is an uncoated bleached board with a natural and appealing rough surface. It can fulfil multiple communicative purposes, while its strength and stiffness provide good performance in graphical end uses. Ensocard also serves as a distinctive packaging material. It gives an engaging and alternative look and feel to your product or brand. Think of Ensocard in tickets, covers of notepads or in cosmetic packaging, for example.

Ensocard Resilience for tear-resistant packaging

Ensocard ResilienceTM by Stora Enso is a new material option for packaging applications where high tear-resistance is required. The product consists of the renewable baseboard and PET coating on both sides, which makes it strong enough to withstand tearing, yet is offers a good printing surface. Ensocard Resilience is a tailor-made packaging material for pharmaceuticals, para-pharmaceuticals, e-cigarettes and other products that must be kept secure from children. Ensocard Resilience can replace plastic for example in child-resistant pharmaceuticals packaging.

Stora Enso has long experience in producing tear-resistant board for certified child-resistant pharmaceuticals packaging, so the performance in the demanding end use is proven, with no additional plastic parts. Ensocard Resilience is perfect for brand owners who see the value of having sustainable packaging solution for their products. Technical specification and sample order form below!