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Stora Enso’s luxury and graphical board Ensocoat by Stora Enso has been recently upgraded to provide even better whiteness and bluish shade, which contribute to excellent print results and high performance with all finishing treatments.

​Ensocoat is Stora Enso’s flagship board crafted to meet the demands of the graphics industry and luxury packaging. Produced from responsibly sourced, certified raw materials, it serves as the industry standard for high performance and sustainability. Ensocoat is used, for example, in greeting cards, book covers, brochures, folders and calendars.

As a high-end graphical board, Ensocoat offers the best of the best in all performance areas. Surface smoothness and printing performance have been optimised to impress even in the most demanding applications. Top-quality whiteness and UV resistance allow even more engaging briskness. In two crucial functionality areas, reverse side print result and craftability, Ensocoat has gained an even greater advantage over its competitors, providing stunning results. The strong multilayer structure of the board allows unlimited converting possibilities.

Ensocoat is available with the EU Ecolabel Certificate, which confirms that the boards fulfil the European Commission’s ecological criteria for copying and graphic paper. The ecolabel is only available for graphical end uses at extra charge.

Ensocoat 2S shows the same great appearance on both sides

Ensocoat 2S is a two-side coated option, for a symmetrical appearance on both sides of the board. In packaging, Ensocoat is typically used for cosmetics, perfumes and other products for elegance care, and it is excellent for premium confectionery and chocolate packaging. Ensocoat also provides superb print surface and structure for displays and laminated boxes such as champagne, spirits and other high-end beverage packaging.

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For Ensocoat, we offer extended services for quick delivery. Choose RAPID LINK guaranteed delivery in 5 working days plus transportation, or EXPRESS DELIVERY PROMISE guaranteed delivery in 5 working days. Risk-free, money-back guarantee! The services are subject to availability and regional restrictions apply. General Trade Rules for Sales of Paper and Paperboard (GTR) are applied. The money-back guarantee is valid only for the surcharge.